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Graduation Bouquets

Website Design + Development, Product eCommerce, Brand Strategy, Logo Design

Graduation Bouquets services collegiate commencements with their products. Each college needed a way to link a page that was branded for both Graduation Bouquets and the college so they can offer pre-orders and instructions on all products on the day of commencements.

We designed a standard website for Graduation Bouquets that reflects their work and brand beautifully. Then we added individual pages with Graduation Bouquets branding and the college logo that remains live only on the back-end of the website.

Each college now uses these pages links for pre-orders and special instructions, making each commencement event run smoothly, and offer great business growth opportunities.

Customized pages for each client to be used as links in their website and announcements.

Custom Design

Working with Tina is one of the best experiences of my life. I’m not kidding. The energy, the creativity, the talks, the laughs. She designed a website that I needed for a business that is seasonal. It was exactly what I needed and was so much fun to do. So much creativity, and such a good process. Tina made me a website. I made me a friend! Oh, and my website is amazing.

– Karen Gattis, Graduation Bouquets