Mackensey Smith

Website Design + Development, Branding

Mackensey Smith

Website Design + Development, Brand Development

Mackensey Smith is a Breathwork Facilitator and Reiki Master who needed to leverage her online presence through one main tool; her website. After working with her on her branding through image selection, color choices, fonts, and layout, we needed to plan for her to keep her visitors at her website and continue to use it when choosing from her services or registering for her events.

She has all of the tools strategically build in this site with minimal reason for anyone to navigate away from it when deciding to work with her. With plenty of useful and authentic information, Mackensey is able to frequently add subscribers to her email list, promote her events and services, and book her clients through her website. The way it should be.

Customized Branding, Graphics, Layout, Image Selection, and Call To Action Navigation are just a few of the features on this site.

Custom Design